"I am excited to see a generation of women who will raise their boys to be good rather than their girls to be scared."

Overheard before the march:
'Daddy, why are we protesting?'
'Because little kids are being killed in #Gaza and we should always stand up for those who need it'
'Thats so sad, why are they being killed daddy?'
'Because there are very bad people in the world with too much power. Remember I taught you about the Nazis?'
'Yes daddy, I remember'
'Well the Nazis are still around pumpkin, they call themselves Zionists now'
Parenting: he’s doing it right.


There are two causes for rusting of the heart:

1. Negligence 
2. Sins

And the two cures for it are :

1. Istigfar 
2. Dhikr


Sometimes we get into that state where we find nothing to comfort us, no food can make us taste happiness of relief, no words of our companions can pinch our hearts nor can any hug of our family can make us feel better…
I tell you, that’s the moment you should put your head on the ground, make sujood, cry it out to Allaah Azza Wa Jall, wallahi at the moment you raise your head, such relief will come to you, subhan’Allaah.
Nothing can comfort you like how He comforts you, you just have to have faith, when such times come, know that He is there for you, he never left you, he never lost hope in you coming back to Him.
Reunite with Him. Reconnect with Him. Pray. It’s not too late.
Remember what it is said in the Qur’aan:
And who can forgive sins, except Allah? - 3:135 
Reflect from the story of Ali Ibn Abi Talib Radiyallahu Anhu, a man promised Jannah, but would pray and make sujood from late night until fajr was about to come! subhan’Allaah.
and we pray that Allaah makes us among those who are patient and ever observant of their Salah!